About Hi-Tech Instruments

Company History

q     Founded: September 1989
q     Touch screen ISA card controller (1989)
q     Touch screen DOS mouse.com emulation driver (1990)
q     Flat touch screen manufacturing (1990)
q     Touch screen LPT port device driver (1991)
q     Texas Instruments – product/design/CAD (1982-1992)
q     Curvature touch screen manufacturing (1992)
q     Touch screen Windows 3.1 and Windows 95 device driver (1994)
q     Compaq Computer – PNP-BIOS/display (1996-1998)
q     Touch screen Windows NT device driver (1997)
q     Touch screen Windows 98 device driver (1998)
q     Texas Micro/Radysis – fault tolerance device driver (1998-1999)
q     GE - medical equipment device driver (1999-2000)
q     BMC Software – storage area network/monitoring (2000-2002)
q     Touch screen HTIUSB001 controller (2002)
q     Write/Touch screen HTIUSB030 controller (2003)
q     Universal Annotation software (2003)
q     Write/Touch screen HTIUSB031 controller (2004)
q     Enhanced Annotation software invoked by double-right clicks (2005)
q     Driver supports 2nd display and any orientation and portrait (2009)

Company Mission

    Hi-Tech Instruments has been using technology to spark the potential in use of touch screens since 1989. For the last few years, we have focused our resources toward ensuring that people have access to use a pen device. While that is an important focus, Hi-Tech believes that handwriting is not just for mobility but also for daily office work and education teaching. Hi-Tech seeks the solution of moving office automation into classroom automation by supplying WriteScreen technology.