Classroom Automation

A classroom has chairs for students to sit and a whiteboard for the teacher to write context on. People would think that if there is a computer with some software and a data projector in the classroom , then classroom automation is done; similar to the office automation. However, a classroom is quite different from a office. While you may have COMPUTERIZED CLASSROOMS, a computerized classroom DOES NOT EQUAL classroom automation. There are something more to its completion. We are interested in providing you key components for classroom automation. Our package includes a complementary pen device and classroom software, which costs around $100- to $1000- per classroom.

Classroom Automation = (Computerized classroom) + Pen device + Classroom software,

Computerized classroom = PC + Education/Office software + Projector + Networking + ….
Pen device = WriteScreen® tablet/touch monitor, pad, etc.
Classroom software = Hi-Tech Annotation, etc.

The classroom automation has to equip with a pen device, PC, a data projector and a projector screen to substitute  the whiteboard. It is not just computerized teaching material but also involving 1) easy preparation 2) real-time interactive presentation with handwriting annotation and recording 3) easy afterward processing.

1) Easy Preparation
Any electronic data shall be ready for the teaching without extra efforts or special editions. Any display screens can be used as visual templates. For those pen features already specified in applications such as PowerPoint®, NetMeeting®, MSN Messenger®, and Paint, any one of our pen device products, such as WriteScreen® Tablet Monitor, WriteScreen® Touch Monitor, USB WriteScreen® Pad, or Wireless WriteScreen® Pad is what you need. When using applications, such as Microsoft® Word, Microsoft® Excel, Explorer Internet Browser, PDF®, etc., our classroom software can make them become virtual writable images instantly without effecting the original data.

2) Real-time interactive presentation with handwriting annotation and recording
The teaching shall involve handwriting. The handwriting shall apply to any electronic data or to the displayed screen visual templates. The white board shall be replaced by the projector screen. The writing is no longer on the white board but on the computer tablet monitor, or via the tablet pad. The classroom software provides a great deal of numbers of screen pages, such that there is no more worry about the limited space from using a fix size white board. The screen pages shall be easily to go back or forward, erase partially or entirely, insertion a new page, change color pen, change highlighter/pen, save/record/retrieve the pages, and some of graphic line/rectangle/circle tools, etc. Any one of our pen device products with our classroom software can do these all.

3) Easy afterward processing
The saved/recorded screen pages shall easily be posted up to the web for students/parents to review, be retrieved for later references. The one-on-one tutor shall be easily apply. The saved images from our classroom software are in bmp, jpg, tif or gif format. These graphic format files are supported by almost every internet server and graphic editors.

Teaching is a very exhausted job because of talking and standing for long hours. Teachers deserve to have automated classrooms. By using a WriteScreen® product, they can sit to teach. They can face to the students when they are writing and talking. They can observe what the students' reaction from seeing their faces. No more irritation if the students do something funny when the teacher is writing  the whiteboard and is backing to them. There are so many electronic data and information that become really useful teaching materials. Between presentation and teaching, the pen device makes the differences.

The classroom could be a boring place for some of students because of non-exciting tedious subjects. Students deserve to have some colorful visual effect and versatile classroom environment. By viewing on the computer generated and projected screens, they can read with ease because of the font size is big. They can always ask the teacher to go back to the screen page where they want some more addressing and explanations. They can request an electronic copy of the contents just taught due to lacking of time for taking notes.