Hi-Tech WriteScreen® Software Trial version  

     Hi-Tech WriteScreen® is a tablet software, simple but useful Windows application that lets you write annotation on the display screen, provides multiple pages of whiteboard for writing. Its tool bar is displaying on the topmost position; i.e. on top of all applications in display such that it is accessible all the time. You can move the tool bar to any location where it does not block your view of running other applications; or change its layout in horizontal or vertical style. The tool bar has icon button commands for easy access. The commands are also associated with short cut keys for quick operation. All written traces, ink strokes, are objects that they can be moved, copy and pasted, or be erased in group selected easily.

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      The trial version is a freeware. You are welcome to do duplication or distribution of this program's trial version in any of ways. However, any modification to its contents is prohibited. Hi-Tech Instruments expressly disclaims any warranty for the SOFTWARE PRODUCT. The SOFTWARE PRODUCT and any related documentation is provided "as is" without warranty of any kind. The entire risk arising out of use or performance of the SOFTWARE PRODUCT remains with you.


Mode Selection

      There are four modes to select: 1) System – sets screen to system native mode such that pen and mouse do things in their normal way, cursor changes its shape to an arrow; 2) Annotation – the desktop image is captured and screen becomes annotatable, cursor changes its shape to a related writing tool; 3) Whiteboard – the entire screen becomes a whiteboard with multiple pages to navigate; 4) Blackboard - the entire screen becomes a blackboard with multiple pages to navigate.

Writing Tool Selection

      Writing tools are: 1) Pen – written traces cover up the image underneath; 2) Marker – written traces transparent to the image underneath; 3) Select – a tool that selects written traces for move, cut, copy, paste, changing their width and color; 4) Eraser – a tool that erases arbitrary stroke from written traces.

Drawing Tool Selection

      Drawing tools are: 1) Line 2) Circle 3) Rectangle 4) Rotate

Color and Width Selection

      There are four (4) color icon buttons and two (2) width icon buttons for quick selection. The black color will automatically change to white color when the Blackboard mode is selected from Whiteboard. You can set your own preferable colors and widths by right-click the icon button and select from the drop-down menu.

 Stroke Operation Selection

      A stroke from written traces is an object. Hi-Tech WriteScreen® is object-oriented operation that is a better hand writing application than a pixel-oriented graphic editor. You can clear all strokes within the page by taping (clicking) the Clear Page icon button. Once stokes are selected (using Select tool), you can Cut, Paste or Copy them by using associated icon button. You can use Undo icon button to reverse the operation that you just did

Data and Image Operation Selection

      Data are desktop image captured, annotation, whiteboard/blackboard written traces and background image imported. You can save data by clicking Save All Pages icon button. The saved data is re-loadable via clicking Open File icon button. The Whiteboard background can be not just white color but also a specific image. The image imported, examples are music menu, grid page basketball field diagram, and etc. will be applied to all pages’ background automatically. You can Import or Clear Background Image at any time without affecting the written traces. For sharing image purpose, you can click Export Image icon button to save current viewing screen into a graphic file. The graphic file can be .jpg .bmp .gif or .tif pixel format.

Retrieve Data and Configuration Selection

      You can click Open File icon button to retrieve data that was previously saved by Save All Pages. Data are desktop image captured, annotation, whiteboard/blackboard written traces and background image imported. The Configuration has drop-down menu for selections of: 1) Tool Location – moves tool bar to screen top, bottom, right, left or minimal size; 2) Background Image – controls importing image to be displayed Only Once, Now and After or For All Pages (default); 3) Help – brings up a detailed on-screen help information; 4) About – shows this program’s version information; 5) Exit – exits the application and the tool bar disappears. Exit can also be done by clicking the ‘X’ button located at top-right corner of tool bar caption area.

Hot key commands

      Each icon button of Hi-Tech WriteScreen® tool bar may have defined an associate hot key command for quick operation.